Author Brenn Colleen’s “It Only Seems Random” Breaks Los Angeles’ Rose Colored Glasses

By LeVar Thomas

Congratulations to the brilliant Los Angeles based author, poet, and story teller Brenn Colleen on the release of her first novel. We have had the honor of hosting some of her social commentary regarding social injustice in 2020, and enjoying her artistic eye as the visual director for SAINt JHN’s Sucks To Be You.

During it all, Colleen was crafting her second book, “It Only Seems Random.” Following a book of deeply personal contemporary poetry, “Love Letters & Lighter Fluid”, her new book “It Only Seems Random” is a look into an un-romanticized Los Angeles from an unadulterated point of view.

Congratulations to the brilliant Los Angeles based author, poet, and story teller Brenn Colleen, and the gritty underside of Los Angeles that makes people love, and leave the city in the new satirical novel. “It Only Seems Random” can be read as individual snippets from the life of the author, or read chronologically as a complete story. This is the reality of a person growing up in the City of Angels. Click through to support the effervescent Brenn Colleen and It Only Seems Random, now.


It Only Seems Random

For Brenn Colleen, growing up in Los Angeles has been so traumatic it's Goddamn laughable. Her shameless writing pulls you into the paradox of L.A. hard and fast. Dark comedic memories drawn from the depths of Colleen's psyche and brought to you by the pain of experience, for your reading pleasure. It Only Seems Random sarcatically delivers the ugly truth on a silver platter.


Love Letters & Lighter Fluid

This collection of contemporary poetry is pulled from raw emotion, emotions that overstayed their welcome most days. These are the love letters I never sent, that held my head hostage. The thoughts that developed in an abyss of almosts and maybes, through long days and dark nights. Bleeding onto the page because what do we have outside of our own essential experiences?



I have never encountered a more truthful description of all that is LA than within these pages.

S. Grace

 The truth and vulnerability that is displayed with a hit of sarcasm and dark humor is pure perfection.

Amazon Customer

This is a memoir written sincerely yet with a comical and sarcastic side that will not only entertain, but provoke thought.


A must read for anyone growing up in LA &/or planning to invade the city.

S. Martinez

Simply amazing, I laughed and cried in the same chapter. Simply brilliant

Amazon Customer

I love this book. Brenn’s voice is candid and distinct- she brings you in as if pulling you aside in the hallway to give the scoop. It’s nostalgic and illuminating, you’re along for the ride and you don’t want it to stop.

A. Baranova

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